Club Announcements

During the month of February, any new student my try our classes free of Charge at our True North Fitness location on Thursday nights. You must fill out a wiaver and must dress appropriatly. (Tshirt/Sweatshirt and long pants black/white/grey)

2013 State Champions

2013 UPMAC State Champions:

Awalt, Ian= 4th Weapons
Blizzard, Slade= 3rd Weapons
Burtnett, Dakota= 4th Kata, 2nd Kumite, 1st Grappling, 4th Self Defense
Dorr, Hunter= 4th Kata, 1st Kumite, 4th Padded Weapons
Dorr, McKenzie= 2nd Kata, 1st Kumite, 1st Weapons, 4th Padded Weapons
Durst, Drake= 4th Kata, 3rd Kumite
Evans, Colton= 2nd Nov. Kumite, 2nd Int. Kumite, 1st Padded Weapons
Fellers, Ellison= 1st Kumite, 2nd Nov. Weapons, 2nd Int. Weapons
Johnston, Anna= 1st Grappling
Johnston, Charity= 3rd Kumite, 2nd Grappling, 3rd Grappling, 3rd Self Defense, 1st Padded Weapons
Johnston, Daniel= 3rd Kata, 3rd Kumite, 1st Grappling
Johnston, Elijah= 3rd Weapons
Johnston, Grace= 2nd Kata, 1st Kumite, 1st Weapons, 1st Padded Weapons
Johnston, James= 3rd Kata, 1st Weapons, 2nd Grappling, 4th Self Defense
Johnston, Patrick= 2nd Kata, 1st Kumite, 3rd Weapons, 1st Grappling, 3rd Grappling, 2nd Padded Weapons
Jordan, Emmy= 3rd Kumite
Kozlowski, Luke= 4th Kumite, 4th Padded Weapons
Lentz, Jeff= 2nd Kumite
Panatelo, Jordan= 2nd Kumite, 2nd Weapons, 2nd Padded Weapons
Reiss, Greg= 1st Kata, 1st Weapons, 3rd Padded Weapons
Schudders, John= 3rd Weapons, 2nd Padded Weapons
Schumann, Laura= 4th Kata, 1st Kumite
Seward, Brad= 1st Kata, 1st Weapons, 1st Kumite, 1st Padded Weapons
Seward, Braden= 4th Kumite
Sheppard, Foulan= 4th Kata, 4th Kumite, 3rd Weapons, 4th Grappling
Wheeler, Breandan= 1st Kata, 2nd Kumite, 1st Padded Weapons
Williams, Wade= 4th Kata, 3rd Padded Weapons





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